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But I will find oat a creep-bole for this eternity would am give a larata tor lamb SR eletaillr Old as I alai I would not be willing to accept a lease of my Wirer the eternity. which this thing well have so tar am the United' States' Ise of it is cow comet Provided, That in the event of a railroad to the Pacific ocean shall be located ou or near said Use of telegraph, before said patents shell to is, sued. Me grant aupd eseteamisted in this wo- tiaa shell be ea located se not to Interfere with the le at ou ender grant Commems wake 1 We weed thrown the Amulet that tile Int fear Wanks rev's: inepeaded yreathaines they were organized and the to tur rgs week. d.uiig the lase pante- LS et thews Beil.61111 1111 deeming their Wallet is specie, and tbe Bret fear sever refined toredeerth whatever it bill method' Wawa wee premenwel at OV.1.0.11.VV. The bills at every beak gralmee named.

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Altos, George Anderson. S. J. I We direct aticotka to the advertisem*nt Morrow day of Meows- DaPacw IndbutaPta ha, ha relation to the present of Indiana few Beek Th aaturtata kI 0030 1k. ems abowa es a goo dollar MU co the IMewport Safely rand Bank, tho top of which eras tore off--that it thee hut tho appearance of being 110311 by the Raab Keataeltg- -it le gated at the bettem, Newport by which it can be easily Ns, tiegeethed.

as the min4i, or- Kegteek, hee ee branch at that piece. Oar handled dollar antra, ParPartinZta be alt the Dank of Camden, N. well esentod In ow I any may ery Ten, ark he wet, gwe in ent et the eonetrectioe of mid railroad." Timm comes a teen exteeding the I tn be tbet this laws to show who violate end 'solemn upon shb lisa sever honed 1190 notes. .1, line- That le the protection welch tine bill Connorrelt notes of the denomination of fordo against the depradatioas of the Root Dig- we the Notutweeten, seine ykehAw. poivery gem- l'imme penal laws are to protect it.

I simaid like to ace este of our Nembsis cotch a tag gb" al tattat are im Root fliggee, and punish bins, cruoinally, Wir moieties- The omenterfeit arshrly a feessivehaving dug ap this 01 dig it up be would to Ile of the gennine note of that letter, but lea We lee what it wee, and to take every thing which put of ilea eerie, tub be moist wake into a atrium or of an at, row. or to tuella the the with. Row would yen "thaw" tbag ate aPPctrince apply your lain to hies 1 I mow come to ohm good, hot anneof the engraving is renew moron tee.p-boIaef tbla abate Wing Paper also coma and nuke' Mundy. It is wed. Tient said Aides and Eddy, their ammoniates hew.

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Tom donee bills the Bank of Bath, Stenhen as requested by tho atoms or authorimed county, altered from tito.11 are in eirettlatioo, Waal amid Ortrarataaat Aug it 111.7 than at also 1.04 ea the Bank of Pt tNthseines, C. any time gereameably refuge 0D to do, or shall altered from l'sboth well th executed. neglect, for the space of nix stemeedve mons. neglect, for the space of nix ancommies months. Nog, too ooroftog per alto crane and It is well- sileulated to impose on the who re not good edges of- lit may be detected.

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lbw Nowak towhee labodyeed at eine' In the Legislature on Saturday a joint resets- la' 7 ing the pin, 080108 1,075. Tbe ethane a twortaryitte I' work -or 00 leer neat tioa offered by 111' Logan to tbe effect that the al Governor- torreete the proarhey or otemorieriEcntar, II" lalw Ill Ins- IfildwiltCescrotlieo eaght Other beimet hoes' Illa.eassa'a U. oo're l'aellalint ging Column to refund to the State the amount emir Ate ead oil pa) etrowat Bo pristhese disturbet. atot Wawa eleatileeaelestral fere, issovY spa Itaidit Su Sees teSal fists the Motet ded yo, een goteroote. by tho of sore Slue ard kb Queen.

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11.2. 1 staa in New Vat tad Toted I Mel! one kha Lica, apw4 aa imuetrat, It ki paean that the loalance or trade, naiad Ilee 11.P4.: 01 0,4007: 0 e4.1.0.01 eat 74ad the terprontble ow that the rata bad tarried i fhe Utal oladl '014116g ovet lardl ma'am a go, a Coal of city, totharoopenr, i Of Ire roam" end VII hies te essenemont la To make sp tido Wow lot Moiled ile' IPrie 1 oa or" tag morr trt A e-O et PI i amount 331411.241 over end abet the 'ris doel. wait dm txisvo of ge- 1 to Condos watt, ttliliese Sawyer, woad Unpaged. I rad a ewe be hoot lath rope elm withent provecatires, deliteraely. Idiot a tean i Thhi hare 0111, a balance goatees at $27.

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mama a dadoilly with bts wife Int coaseteoesd teasel toga our national vanity, but I ate tar hook 41P.ral hit IS-W0r. tweet Oared that ttle pint rm. the' surted se pi i song .0.0,1 lu esnntue. n. pra.

1 aarr ttat Au-ebt be toed. sp. Sawyer taws ap sea raw tail del Roe- i epee morose endue do not, by soy IDeang, es wawa 'wood heehaw whoa head otel seely-ehat ids dors. hal thee lhe 'ale I do oolosilr loto the Pocket" col two" eltaeoo luo Azy a 01-4 mou ow" .......4 IT loseem loaded Gem S. tiorrrom It it bighly 1 III ItErtallaila.

Lane .0.,, te, 'me. slot meow to. bastooMM The throbbing, thqmimla lite Irdebrl energies, 'moo Mee it Mrs. cork, from web a mono su eorrod utik whiele les hit amt et tim Ai matire.00sb on mem Meirs-pettedevet tletracterieticLoribe tem mmosideasolgaitimat pie et tbWee impiretatal, ealie emalmoolotee But 'Iwo we remember that since January ist, WO, nearly ell the real estate to dat tales his doubted in value. we shalt see a cease fully adequate to the effect.

During the four seam last past, the real estate of the coeutry has it 10114 fiTS thetteesd mations ta, LAI Wit AILILIVAL. efteleenSeleNele or Tera ILltAAISWITIIWto GOVERNOR'S MEssAG E. ow IIE MEI 114111111t11 A 'MESA The eel fonds tegliAisturs orgen101 tit ahe" rasernM an the oth al sad William A. Coreaec mos elemeg gooteoui or the g.sie ley a "16111 el IS get A W. lirIdle" "Wee' aerk.

Cheri. Dicklattne 19 It C. Soothers. 13 Upstater Oat, I. Van Wages.

19 As- 4., gg G. A. Lets, I Eneeang ekAlts J. a 66eilner AA' A. A).

aNnaan Sergeant-at-Anna, John IP Knot 17 I. Hankins. Dom-Keener. W. 41 Newman, Heeled by aiming retool Lked.

Governor pea 173 15 15' B. 118" 15; "11. Sear tOr SPradne 13 Mr. Kook it ineffectual attempts to elect a chaplain were mane en few Jays. hut Dime.

The ewe44We were the sew. Me. Pratt, IOWA, Kt, craaall Makedita. ISentit Mr. Woodbridge end to Beattem.Csagregationalittie me.

kiss ..,1 the Chaplain qicestiat CarriedTeat. 79 Nem It A' erotica was made to Invite totornatoly, Beet Crunch, Denton. and Pratt, at Sarlarsientot to ogee the Senate with arayer. In the Atormbly, W. W.

Starve. (Int) of Sao to ettm wag elected Speaker. orer Mr. Ast Kin- A' ne7t A Plume, (minder Democratic candidate.) DISIOLCTION. belleadoo SWIeartkieve.

e4lor silo aro of X- 14612 CO, 4 IT 141nal 44,414. Cltionge, Akt VOrql, ITT CIAL1A4T011. APIliffJ, tbe Gs 011100111 311.1 Wag MM." and Ilftilaiekni 160111106 or we 1 WW1 5 1526.111115105 UN, Till leafterAlat coapaftftikr aftdadeaa ft a daft ala fte Wad di daft. eadoftamidder et a land SOKEAGMILla COP 0. "7.

ttir or a tV. WI. nu Ul Um 91 0. 11.013111 (1.1,19 MS mob Watal ott9rt hi 11111C11, r.otk 1 Ne191W9.1J4 SIK9 9119116. 1141919N p.m.,.

Log4i a F. ItA188. I LmitiLkoe 1011ti 1 F.1,,Asajn.L.741-7;;;... SAIND ICII BETE OF KING KAMENAMEMA. 1.12, rbe Polynesians of the 16th December stye: a merious illaese of five air six daye, Ris Kamehamehe III expired at hie palace es Friday.

Dec. 15dt. at 111 3-4 o'clock. lie wae bars on this 17th of March, 1815. and was cosseepently SI years and 9 menthe old.

This painhil event was immedia tely geode knows by bowsaw the Boys and Natioaal misdeeds st Self masa esti by the firing of minute guns, lesponding with the as of his late Majesty, from Poach Bowl Battery. -A. Nees as the news spread, the Gags no shore sad shoat were set al balf alma and places a Misname wens Large somber" of people assembled seer the palace. and testified their grief by load and heartfelt wsdg. 121-2 o'clock, his Excellency, the Governor of Oahu, escorted by a saw pany of Guards, caused the official 1 ties gives below to be read is Hawaiian and ifrelieb.

at the earnest of the prhicipal streets of tintioluin. The Proclamation of kin Majesty, Kainehaineha IL. was received with shoots from the peopie and evident satisfaction, wherever it was made known, Minute gees were had by the U. S. steamer Si.

Marys yesterday bosoms and 2 o'clock. sod the Tricot' melee was firing is like lessees The time for the obeegidee of bis late Majesty has net yet bera fixed spew PSOCIAJILITION Or TVS NSW WNW, th hoe OnS goonielmon, end onneiose.ten et bin ant of the a 114 goya, H.beefo, P. hefetie tZtl e11 rhtrer KL.S fho Ilavddnhn th.o of If Aildtd; -)ow. Si og. N.S;ANL ANA.

Ste. INTN A- IN 61111i.1116 rorr 14 Willi on1 Ii OM sak ea Ai ecsave Imre la Um wt.olooma treolo mw daft. 4 c4, 00.4 an ,......,4. sew at 111. bmn max ts fa at, 02 cletem, otro, mut of Zbpot sta.r agy 02 cktc.qm--.

ra, a a tee NOS. a game Weft It. trt a MLA, 411.11.111111 AST IL atelaikaral ele WO threeet the It oto ten xnamro MAP No al Le too, ot, p. 1 Pet eltrOe 421 (helon Nage hart; Malleare Lkhneeepbee 'rota see Meta et Sooke. peralarly 1.6016 60 lee wete ra .07 eit beet.

at she bat A.m. ma it et-ROMPS aLLA4C11411R. fm on Wein., v1.2ao a.m. Mole mo ea.t, ocuor lonnok, awl add los Mos te.

seib4 110.1L011140 A TM 13111-1011-N Amyl. fl. lionoA Sea ant .6.. 11,.. tat b.

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11tima.S. Mialteti dila Um ur--c. toe -f rolloostet 11.m114..-'. noillet I aRu a SIX or Kr eaa In manntninst lib 4 ritir Gentimea Imo le anosommoloodi Ida Ilkoms al ilk la Scbta An Ale.4 1... ddld 11.

IP LIN 7 Kew IVEY "twee 'Mar A Wally, W. L. 7 1,.... k. ARCHITECT, ONWItils 114 DEARBORN EMMEN.

it-t p.m. Om 111,1. Tommie. DAEMON ARABI DRUB NIARRIA. ttbglir M.

a. Recorder Rohl. S. Wilma them proceeded to therge the Gra" "rY '7 CIF "ag Glj" 7111111117 to be. pan yew.

action in a great duper, de-toper peed, the peace sad witty of sue Let Ube known, that in the lows row wen re, "krbbambb ttribliR has teen done toestaidialt our credit abroad. ton to wire goottlesee id eposo to oar people el fonotroroutiare-g th-aitzelliicses. tbleiguale men to ok. ject. Crime is on the increase throughent the land: criminals fully aoderstand.

that to approach and obtain the favor of tile weak, they must employ porropt counsel more than thie it is theme tulle trite, that they know their pathway to liher. ty roust be pared with the preciato taro Why, r'etleken' etheleeee thee bY toles obtaiited a large thi ore or workla corantito a crone. every echoed-boy cries ifett, be cannot be punished. be-cause he ben moo-rather Y. and io witty caw, it is too and end' courts and juries kern to tura a deaf ear to ell these WAG son he employed with monbeer ee defend criminals by mesas offrand, theft, perjure and corroptice at, every kind.

ft.oullhe better firm to enquire ho*r much foamy the accused bea. sod if be him over a anstentarbscharre hint at ogee, and save the "thAAP'''elrberya and fairly defended, aad we should be careful-to tret legemeethet. will in the discharge of his duty. act fairly aned tr- fees liberellY towarth all those who IseI be charged with crintricand we at least hare a right to ezryt thatic.eanwl ioed to the bid the doctrine that cowed are justed in deeds vain- fetiches their is earnatiniew or enema eff deer-known, ogi000t emu. by any intelitgent ow eiritised people, le is but ors tu the 'embers the fetiel Bretrim eihty.

SUb but rell ereeloieek are nip- is a two paltry didtsem to by steoliag or weeseieg CeiDinal twee from lustros. 1 re recruits' hese made are intended to of el-tempt in pence or Unmet their internments con- le wPOrooch Teo se Woe's your se-Ise to to, I tanl Yab lbelb would a petailetice, sod report their melees to eon- the to.dt. con- I. toy opinion tit* peterenties et 1 mime, le efferlam and onooNediefe puniPisintst-- 1 tat. Thine two "kiwis toffee se haele4 pro- tmbraces thew who have been induced to the belt York- lo the AnDI illonkvi thug I le.11 so all your epechtl ADORN tbein pee wilt God fools oho bed grridt lea" wekb Mang AL OW to otaitie frock the Weisk and credulous their WonfY oitheui gwisg eel feed eonsideratieu therefos.

AV the lam term of Ws 416 sot sOtY II: sustained, dud the wheat. wee by New York learned in the late, tor the expect. le et Pr.r.eetied their sileskie tbeelluese7 to operate end line, rodeo prevented from so following butts to stank customers are doing by wow onforseen di," very goad guidon to Woo bovieg bonnets stow Creep-out bole number haw Bank ttem er some unavoklable Keep a good deposit; it wM not only wait Creep out bole number three. arng front sickens of the operators" In getting discollote, bat an autexpeeted toll Creep-out hole number teen will sot then put yoa In anxious loctsnotioa So sot front Indian Wail-WY degredetinn" bathe from friend wrnve your friend, Creep-out hole number the. sold hoe of telegraph with all its appals.

Your credit. Ind Toes tine- shall be forfeited to and become the k. Of for discount good dolma papa, promay of the Vaned rather than aorountiodation noteo Tnat being the ewe, shall do all I tan to prevent the United States trent being the AMA, "Inglg ler d'oeount roue of any such property in working cc not working bake yam seed the NI was enstensin condition. Ot sold atom lehm nee tneslege 4. Circulate the 'Ma oldie Bank.

is sent through. two millions of sores of land are to no to thew parties. They get pay in hand leNever 1st a DOA lie over thet tea your for servioes to be wintered to eterniM When DONOR span IL Inel Set hold ol this lend onto it is gone forever. 1. Bear in mind that a bank la often wahine There will be on eternal mid of it to us.

hen thwtoind bow.ever deidrog. the this furrow bits been run once. aod the telegraph line laid down and (tamed over, all the parties he 4' 'neve imetomersi the" ere tithes 4141 thel will have to do is to let work go to the Govern-- lie not abk ba do meta, eon in ax monthe the ruineof it helIee to Tug Coulters IN LARD AND 011AL-11111 CI the Ccited States. And vital are the United e'dthati Priee Current of recent date, bee a del Unwed notes to do with it Bow many men will they employ le poste and proteet it, and old Interesting wolele viola Ude hendlogi what wilt it ma 1 Twenty odd years ago. whets which we can only Mod room for a synopais ProP4Ition Wee rf" the linvernment to this oedema- Relativelr, lard is the most vale roles bymeak for our Mary, 1 mid st dm time, cd, thn tog.

h. it not we rilre'rtakenk swetowporeduldicgtelthlfromt effrYOur that at all products of the United State plantations would easst us a edam too4 of silver except Coterie, and perhaps Tobaccoit Is hi nod the only vualikatimi that make regerd ono whieh weexpoet the most to fbrelgo con fo tbla rCoin, tekgriPhiC UAS "bie dim newt-ma for this is, that lard is alma nt It oat be the seem with everything the goy- the only silted whkb in hotoottotry wiH our eroment undertskes to dotbis telegraph Ilse ply the phew of butter, and that when better i oever lie to IsnIsne it dear, it is alexia theon' 3 substitute for cookie that "'gril iteblm.tif purposes. Lard thee, le the loosed subentat for butter, and the United Stotts being tit* Ista one mmasge. The goverment is pot forward so the psrty to bettelitied hit it la a bee for the set producer wt is the horst exporter Pubhei er4-Thed71 ah4 ha, lard The Price Commit then proceeds to eon trakaneo, which is sn incident corrinent to every hoe, iv to give te jurialction, aod make it coD- the qnestbooLflqw touch lord la Imola itlationsl Why oot christen it let in this country and where sod bow it erg ostapie." sod so anis It soder the or Power nuatettf It dodo, allowing for tit* OM or '-commartial telegraph." and to tring it manAloe, that two-thirds theaeosageozpotaah anher the power to regulate ottrinteree But where it to begin for the of the govern- 13 OndOnn I of lierd is the PlOdua of the hog meet? Not here. hew the governmeut but killed it Cincinnati, which is an average of 400 sheet the parties plasm, trout the head to the 009.

lam, fro, oil that mouth of the Menthe goverement air -e" out went another line to get to tt, nearly as tare pee is etel nearly Ulla- lid keg en Reit 1140 hit beautifut p000ssoodadoo 1 tog into view the eetionetwpackingat New god to tbe ponies I Baltientst.Phitailelatisond other nlan ViA Wie vets Sate golds' 10 10,00, beelet belles Wiese BaBID, about there times re- 1. Koog good it wfll oot only rer in Betting dlkeester bill ea iseeePereee eine will get then put yor in anxious loctonotioa to harm from friend rut wM save your friend, T. Ofhw for discount good Meese paper, time secountiodatioa motet- acount to. lee eeee the tooter; lor mach melee'," are preferred. .4.

ciroidow. the ionta ay the b. th. b. that a ban' k-le- often- trithoe': ood loomoor ge.toaa the may be to verve customers, there are times whelk they ke set sbk to de Tun Cortzsece ix Loan AND Ci chtnati PrieeCurreat et meat date, bees loop bewlint.

ot which we can only dud room for a synopais Is Gotham- Rehdivelr, lard is the most produet of the but It is sot as well that a all produchs of the United Slake except Colson, ono perhaps Tobeecti-it le the One of whith weterpott the most to reign coon' neon-too for this lo, that lied is almost the only artiele whkb iota botoottetry ply the plaee of butter, end that taken better dear, it is Wendt the ont3 substitute for cooking Lb. foe butter, end the trotted Suttee being the est producer of bog is the largest exporter bird. The Price Current then proceeds to Utter the entetionellow much lard le precluesd in this country and alters rod boo it suesed-1 It ends, allowing for the domestic that 13 008.000 kw of Lard is toe produce of the bogs at Cincinnati, which is an average of 009.. It Infers from th's that. seems, duet of lard per hog is vary nearly Sakes- Tak tog into view the conensteepackawat New Baltinione.Pintadelphiegind ether Camera place.

UP.000 'WILL be Mooed AMOS' AtioNeolVal I. a Nwtrepwilloks 104-dwalstr NV ASTELla Thousul ibilarc Owego alma- ea bat 111 oataza xatartta, let Ina, ham, aa aaaa aaa a will 600614 e. LA, ,0 jamIJ FP ClmOr 11111rArtplik.aaeleanacto.,,, la 141 pans az a -a a a IMPAILUILIIIik a Pm oallof a. wat Wear. alas I.

ammo-a as Maim. 4101.10.10r al ban'. aao area, aaa-tt tHIC Atilt) increased la' valse dollars When me reflect bow small basis we twre bad lbr thtt egormous Incream, ad bow. lartge I Portion of the Widens of the laborers al 'thecenntry his thee been phimel la the porkies et the wealthy landlords. we cannot dear that theilettdoes seleopteeed upos amaLe touch te do with Ws peewit mammy conditiea GENTEE BOA It DING.

a. UR CLAIRE boo pommi Eleu Stwi s. We, emmtbort Iowa ,56. bee um, 11111001MO, Airy. owe Irmeedeardell veleta 6.1111 Ore 311m4erm leopreereirrerrerk p.

U. rearees reelmers. A tee wee $ee On ere If .91 0. stoos-1, STflAM ENGINE' ,.16 0 -dna POLE ar amo riut mai' To Mans, liirawrracTrolan flemeonory liraotato mt. u.ttaka Iraq ay.

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teamtcra ttrIrts tta, w. bit-abed adapted ler SAti.F.1, At alrt ra-trs to an ttat14 Oar patag rot, to the 4,04,0, el Ida are It PAS ft wawa attaawonaatr fit ttal et La tat, am. itaawa, Ramp. ant tta. raetaz IP21 liattr twattaava.

sett tam att Cilaaare. toti Ira te Eros Work. to la, 11, ii.abig boo born the inmerintoteed. lettiP reveresem -owe ebutoot to lite ibmi York Pittre from Thorne, of old platibrme aryl tovetrOntitt fr over I.OorMe. tlos twomati Ravi leveler, tile eatireebandmuneot, by ttie beat I ikvi, bl, 43601.4 earueit eniettittL 0 tho were imekeenti shells I toomtbe mot oleo.

toe Gtwerbor Com- or ohce e9r, Jr 1 eeS pith (Wm .10 every twitt Tab WA ICettlatxt- tb --rvoilt le ea lea. tonerteee, lesteeetepteereet thee temente lore kett t. tr ot ethba which ere better boa end ever itertaiiy lotelme Clumn- Nw'r trill mitt, meter a permitemableesit goverment, ter tatted takba, .0 teat and WWI Mal bow Ottereitolle Nis I -0 ,1 aw "Norte rith In bi.e,riii In This indeedom ermettroging feature to or Meer Mbet Italht rlatattutt And Wild, IIP i ere lam me dmt Cape et Geed Hope, par, Atith ibelt.blamospoceat Origer "Mot to tim Ilth et December. Tito sews ie etoka instead of CI prott movebtrit hens SO etecevitur that a rermtral of Kaffir he tined awl taiperyet Me vie doilY resteetOol4 that Atm" Aka." TM. acmes vbitet Moo Iwo, esechod entk he ere berm eaten reels det Cape et Goad Hope, op to 14e Ilth at December.

Tbe sews kw SO oteerime that a mammal et gm Kaffir mar dAtly aptcit49.1u4 thab; gnot aim 4 'ti 1 ri 4 1: i 1 4 A If, i -4 I 4 I i ia 74 i- i'l ti lz 4 4 1, -4 I I It i- 1 i I 1 1 1- 111610, 1 4- 4 4 TUE NSW 1111111 atessmartow. The Sett Francisco Nereid Mien Inneetilats annezetton is dos. for. It says, the old Kind was a fee friend of the Americana, and wermly bt laver at Bed be Ikea a flew 1 Moths Longer, that meenere would have been cosennonsten sod all enessinme shunt the fit- I Lure pellitiOtt of the Islands forever put tenet The new King is just the lodividest who, es heir swarm. interposed the only obstacle ft the conclusion of the treaty.

Re has from lite be. ginning rettolutely opposed the project, end for a them time abeented himself ham the genital, teravoid the importunities of his family and the friends of annexation. lie Ls mid to be young men al' more than ordinary abilities, well his mind improved by travel, and familiar by personal observation with the power and sources of the United States, Franca sod Great Britsin Re in embitione, and parties. holy covetous of the title, that be may be 'stabled to offer a there of his threes to a runs English lady, to wheat be is tore and ambition therefore, eonthine to make bits intid on to his power with a tenaciette It is, therefore, too much to evpect that be will centime the negotiation with the Gaited Steam Commiedener commenced by hie predettemer. the move front the fact that be is reported to be wider Feeds induemen which has hem lumen 6inglY exerted iletret the scheme it enema don.

Re will be emboldened te take goad nrsieet the measure, or rather the fear of an "Mon from which seems to Isuated the old King, will have tittle effdot apes tint, in aonseeneuse el the pledges recently given by the diplomatic repreeentatimm it tbs upikg States, Fnumelunt Great Ittitabt, tn protect his Womb with the full swear at their naval forces. frost ally hostile detneostratione front without. Tet II vy eartein neitber math sty Great Brits trite have be's castling lag eye, upon the will be penaitted be shod them. They mot, in time, naturally filll be us Unless eons important choose taken place, winch we telithOt new forma. ill ides et the immediate annesanice of the Maeda steel be abandort.

'The termer King's MigiSt4411. of out of Macs. though they may all be molted by the present King. Wen Z. bad tendered hie reeirnstion before the Lige death.

The sans Ike lags Minima to accept tds noir nation. and Judge Lee Mil cooties to bold the Mhos of Chief Gar alas preoma 8 till Plant TO RENT Oin LE416E. 11) 1111122T. A I i Velan aszirk 17. 2r toe; Pt! Iab tr.

lomat tear. 22,14 rs WATILIIL 1LOT AD he, PalkAI TO .11 100 FUT km Mt Walk 2.2d, Polk ktre. k.a seems 2, hinkdo 222224kon 11211221,2 amma .212 ems Uks 2p2 pldmikkasic UM Lake wild, 0.6-61 a. axamsaT a ovVICT LET. anky 11.2211 11P2222, tko Trgyndoda Week.

112222 2 Eadd lo theothothot tho fustier orttionoltbriot esnted 47.440.6 iat mm. mem pmm 1 yrubmi pooki.o. It wogyrridene dud The noth-ro h. the root the lieteliejAy of Amending Woolly r1ottir4 Io eeerth as th -Ith, thal toes there Iorteotof opaiitharutheaathood slows of woo ith tha tireedr.rt'. set hoomotheexceottoos to thio.

breedrie art bearegalleoseeptleas to thie, GREAT REDUCTION' IN PRICER Ikt AIKEN 1. lar Cara taa rf at Nora at Ottatrarg. at a ar rot a tattara art. SI tam a trtil alttata mama is mamma attr nal tb tWa.t. tat.

tottra 3to tirta ay, straw career of DOTS' CLOTHING AT COM natal vaartaha Otatts. 3ttettosa. Orals ratirautatlaan far at att Utati C. lama traa. rrata ea land two damn Et Ira.

at Dearbern. rot -rrx Prtart Total, Congreee will pay toe the India WI? Debt The Custom House Mock, of San Praitcheo, was mid to the United States for $300.000. orrobalf of which the Governor ism received. in eaten-sloe of the Sea rillaCISMO Waltz Front is moon winded. The Governer mires a redaction of the fees in dike, plan to Crimea of wimp larch a 'obey diopose Of the publie lands ta the State, pre.

teettoa to actual ICtilent, common reboot educetioarefere to recheated estates agriculture, and the Railroad. The oweriand route is treated at Meath oceperations, stertopelles, are tourbpd upon a law relative to ismer money recommended, and auentios ealkd so Came Valley, miming weapons. State Priem trying' for the imam Marine Hompital, COMM I for the year MS, and the sonnet Ger, 1 I it is decidedly in favor et the Pacific Railroad end recemmeods the memorializing of Cowmen I. behalf of that great preyeot Until this great work shall IWO been empleted, and onerland trowel rendered expeditious and secure, Confrere skald, at least, by the establishment of a ruMeint nuroteer or military pates along the entire route afford ample protection to the immignimis against the eggressioas of beetles Indiana Gov. 11.

mid that wises be Is addrateed Legislatme with reference to the Asiatic migration, there were but TO 000 Cinema ht Callfords. They BOW Dumber GO 000... He then segues the benefits and evils of this emigration, and thinks that the logidature has the power to exclude them Asiatics, if it is deemed expedient It is only a question a I. The itotorowoot It no bw4 to carrl wi bust- with tbe umber Irina by tbe Prime Current for senior any sort. Time ebeapest sway is te go in se apes market sted, end pay doom forma mina 18a4 (01114 I 01 it bays, sad ler each jab getsdnae.

This is the manners at leis than 3.000,008 ers that we woY to Pnneok Woolf 1100 dm fats a Ku" bars ninety-six millions it pomade of Lard as the Primrose al Ms filar. product of tbe Mated Statte The principal Mr. ClIstrmam we snow frometbing arrest mop000t of Lent are cartatu between the istmeappi arid tbe Ps- gierrem-77, trdsay.Penee tankage; l' Senclasky 7Cleaclandi'' ren.smandPlucheriaTkda.- Ofeble.glatte meat it to 000losotiou with 11 Wad. either or oboe ws bawl no eratimiar; bert or others we common sr railroad. It mast be a reed ea chiefs e.agt to dint sow, of the i.c.s people Ilse and pass eaatieselly to take care of lebseiseetts emit coosthesi seen tame es.

leg reattaree of the trade. Fee the lege tour yews protect isand las better be at the sir than the sverw exports of Lard teeth the in plow farrow, so Mallow as to be easily ciaethassi, tem i raked ap Bot it will he Lsrd, In barrels to 8 00000011a mach shower Umbraga to rig teed, la hews Plena 4 tribano Lard Oil, la barrel aribell Ttmoo.etio 11 And to for 1 add, the taaaa by the 1834 us Inane DIDUNLAIr the -begs- of commerce at len than 3.00000 era that we bare ninety-six millions it pomade of Lard as the matt of too united 5tate, The gitiogigoi Wrier pertain the dapitsent bird. ere Cimen- Perressoolk Toledo, ebiltede; saadathir, CMsslsd ant pitheiant. -Of sane of these we bees so ODWISLIDF; ODD of -others we have enough to hot tow of the tied Interest- lag thattrot of the trade. For the hat tow years the avenge pens a Laid teeth the pod of Cnnati, bine bet.

licttli In barrelt tog ON-WOO Lard, in keen nonce 4 ennead) Larc ciit a a i ITO UMMILATZIL Mreteurretp, FAL 3, numbered' petitions mere preoented ere r-ferred. To amend the practice to po. oorpecata the Alton Goa Light Co erised Statutes coaceruing 6- Iota sad eosistrios;" the R. R. to incorporate the Pittofield and fibelbeville R.

Go; I anteed theetnirter of the Galena A Chicago tiles, Railroad OA; to prowl for burying persona kitted ort Railroads to iecorporato the Ot tows and Pontiac Raitruld Co. to mused the Raiirooti Low to rodostate the State Rood between Ottawa mid Peru to form new coomy fro ports of Cloven gn, McLean and Vermillion. to be called Harrienn to ineereorate the Champaign and Vermillionville Railroad OA to dm Lawsple leoursoce tpt aorporate the Wookeme Goo tolght The tollowlog bald we metered to it third I reading To amend tbe charter of the illiaolo Central Railroad Co-, allowing the ationpany to lay ous togas oa Moir road, wit. depots ale 1 busts to treorporate the Young Noah Ammonia. don of Freeport- Ir.

elVti011 offered a jolut rerolirtion, street' stentren of sgainot disturbing the comprombes el IMO. 6 Mr. Logan 11110Ved ea oramolment that the lpti- souri Compromise mush' horse to hare been die garbed, aupl that our metope Ampere Met for so Agog. The rote woo alien separately. v.

Preotonh tosolation tom Ai na3re Mr. Loclush coodatios mos Alto Me. Lotto offered resolution directior a mit to be brought to detonate ties Mae 40 Bloody id an3re 2.i. Pr Lewes eemalatioa was adopted I 7 nays 7. es 3 hi r- Lotto offered resolution direetiar a salt I be brought to determine the Itite he Bloody 7'71; gly 7 lottery nebula la many odors they do sot ottli what do call lottery Urania, but they tell laud and give a receipt tor th, 'money to appty an the purchave, agreeing that me purchaser ball have a certain quantity et land.

and in a nertain event to be determined by lot, be thlkil M. a farm. kook bei liable itc tbot petialtien pmvided BV 2 4- 111,211 WA, tem Wee! Poen rmtrly in W. bine letbe em imweverte et tor Movie berm. moos owt.

Ir. ma, oe met ow. up mei my, aa tee here Abe thomtutb.trr tot 1. grew Izte. othsbir trt, r4 tmhzawe wye Mamma zbe I gr.

te I. xewriorr. meth ditoeurna met wt. be re, the te let srel Mob tree mteowoompteek or baseaotom teertwtorl tit* Now abliemo Nut Immo. er Perk LA212 111.

Aa 21, rem Loom" ihtmod oak, tritt eft tkiee aol4tr-. for 41,.., salt Alm tor Herta Aka lilud41201. 724 2 be ammo, iltkt4E42 dal 0re litirfirt PAM Mae. ketnet. 'emte.

rIL TIN elm. We a. B. irtounai. Jles1021142 :2 Late Aggregate pounds 4UuO.

Twenty Mittione at Lard inay hi taken a on lona or another, aa the export el Lard front Cincinnati though full eststhist of it la marnifeetured intoLard OIL The shipment of these articles front the principal porta ot the Westtakieg Ste wbok ea ea follows: TOMAIPS Lau inookmials TO OISAT nTwo Moo Lurie Ikea ikons be be nowt ea Ilia eemor llocanou sod raoutaiee at, oLge mortal, araaas aossassas obAo apple at Ado A UM Care laTeta ailallelaalk OM. ell MOO ea Weaueres two. Oman pima tureekbed. ttleoptleot apial delA Ternisy GWENT OFFStal TO nieVir 0111-Silsill N. Os, sasas4 WW7 el Pa eine bulldog atebta Wataal as IPA E11.066-01MV,VO JO Tote moos oee is, mom gleanabee routooie Tao ea, nsas sass fa sa Am, oudie, beteg Wu.

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between robe owe Pee Plague Liao. eie r-reto, our ri.ouo cheat 'Hoot, At, boons sea Oa Page. aoolee pee le.s4 Aeot owe. to, Roe, tram Ass I. hes slas WW1 saa.

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am was atlas beetaisea Animal alp, be oho Steve es, tkorge eller She tadependesce or the riette Iststva was the kiwi kaiak beet talkie 4b.s lam es SI ea wea hes le limited iwto. aerate hes beds Oh Iota, audibly say Inv, lose the leteasosAut ea Swells VOlbsis. 4boathaesta4aabuld waves stoma by the Ihritht The seise et emeetled 'impose leaoadelinid. i and it Law kr that parrot in recommended. The eszists.

stoup. le by the whim ltralf ea coadruesea ta UaillQ111 bland le the blistessipoi, Laid ever-A ONIIIIIMeittlii011 from the-Gov- fet the adhaded a Proddiddit lad Woking drd'd tridtivd ld do would have coat the State bad they bees anderReferred to "elect committee I takeh hy tier, $30,000,000. Yet li.e edgers lite eceronanieetioe el Mr Mitchell and relative to manameed arried es the vast Improve- co*kunamosi wan wierted, sma copial heed to be printed. Iseult quietly and anostentatieusly, until they Bill to inenroorate Cabinet Society of ppeapplid.4..L, lime sm. Chimps pawed- -emu of California enterprise aad indomry.

No Bill so insorporate Belleville awl elle Beamed named. people lathe or say ether misery ever meow Time reheat tho Moose were impended and a 1 plithed pi hit voluntary labor, and in SD 'Latitude of bilis iistronmed and ndeered hoe i Aort ii, ti.s. altitude of bills itioulticial and Wowed nod oiTAIW es ILLi MUM, Gem Ant wrt Crum I Muth 1,00 tt. titnOtrien 1PbMto liredtmortiK Ann o.i tot gitssicl*t hereby eves tbe rhe IF On, atm etteelTos.t hefted eon et the enc. dee cloth ersaety resit Co, awed the Ztto Web the e' ce the odd Hoary A.

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woe, 4 bed the der- eer, Wets the id Ceo-k ea et Wor .1 a the am Tem titerret, at the Cest Hem eery et es Hoo mu.A.t Ar AutA. AL 1.. lede as Ise hott. sod plooll boe.d sett. 3 onnnd Cnn )0, ni nk el no weld AAA 4 vtsebed esee a esao thoodb Ube Sell en me see stli be eeht se oh, 'be woe rant b.

MOASIL I I.c.w 11.1r. WY, WILLIAM REMAE STA Tax wire. Lit KNowry 'mu My ea Leo Meows ea ,1, to am too we 'wow. iosuof bEiidi Mit 000a woo, Ti tai Itaziskg 111111a L.111.Zat CH 1111111111 111.01P MORINO eo, 0..04 Lad. moteweL Mit 0,0 see ogoetee.e.

it, meg gm 4arloo. 011 KILLIP001. It la a matter of meteleroble malefaction that all of them 'wormwoodsmob es Matra eanalartanotha meek and reetrVet111-11 ifl perwaneet haprommenta to California without comittg item, 4011am To Moir the orient end value of them and gliMaa we extract the following statement from the Meanie; CANDLE- MOULD SIALOILIPACTVKIIR. Um mow Inegb.4 of 7 vaeme 11.1,a 110 melees meet. met the of lbe UP, 9.

tee. aJaa ABM. ilboti4. mi fo: timoda saw lb ette no irragirr, i anvas ItAzgoes Azo. Imola.

Go. Ile-Mare CANJas Jam Orft1111116 Awe boa so doubt that mole a male( to fie lama slummy tales, within the spirit and meaning of our mamma se It would be if it ad the mois 'lottery printed on bedsides of it with red ink. Another rime et Mese, gentkenna, yea VII dad engaged keeping whoa iecommonly ailed Moen Auenna Shope where gelvanized watches load other wortMoo trash are mid ea inagemat and almost looleab Denman and their tearer lo this way truedeleothy obtained front them Some will say tam Iwo who ars enough to go to much pima, ought to be cheated. Met the law is made le protect the weak and toolisb from the schemes ot theranning, the diaboneel and be hogeorme sot Aleasser yea find potions in property of any kind that le generally need for papas .4 frond, is leas este to look merettetty and larteennie upon suck paean. A base somber of proms angrearos io this city, and emoting ta live mal of Oho bard earnings of the induarriono pier.

by magas of various kinds of fraud Let the persona know that even set mama manes money by Mae pretences. is ate Indictable offence at comma law, and let them know then that law Is certain to be enforoed, and misty of them vipers will I seek refuge in a name congeals. clone. I mem call year attestion to bouseeof many of them keep grog ohopo. and dance Most at the meant committed Meter eity.

aels Lhasa alma at They Ise trallial somas at trim and aged yam arendattelleheab and do not allow the saaiettell te comphea a your aerial. la a to ty Mkt mode of pengona from all parte of the world paling many different bin-rumen or requiriag an interpreter so moke Imam the grievances, all your patience and intelligence will frequently be Revered to enable you to depletion We Meant MI beam in direberging our temeetire duties. that lee do on without reference to who the parties are a from whence ihey moor for 'Memory the taw Mad once le die cottony, that wee Mom are to bee ad iniseered with wartime be ibe Oink of the parties. we Mali fla stmontly t. enjoy ba Iglogaliop guaranteed to un by the Constitution.

There la a lima number of pervono nose rem-Coed le prism, charged with various offences. awaiting your Gomm Tea will Moo the aid el the Slwriff to obtaluiag witemies, tad tbe ad, vim of the Proseemagg Attorney. epos any gem. boos of law which may mile daring your del-b, be relowing Patellae. IMmlftwe'd names Jame Dopey.

P. Bessehly. C. IL Quinlan, D. J.

Lake. Hainemed. Calvert, IL Tripp, D. C. Rooted" litrmikle, P.

F. Creme, P. Moine. Jarmo Daffy, M. R.

Reward, C. Rook J. U. Raider. R.

Attm, A. A. aIt F. A. Bacon, Laid Dodo.

Jolla A- Reed, A-Nelms, G. A. globose, IL M. Medd, Sidney Cu well. the following eases were takes op 'sok (Ameba Appeal, Sodomite ire yawed ami muse Story Ofityas ea Latta D.Ifliresteat'i See Joey wed Verdict peaty, and dams, ges ablealed Memos toe nom aL Cameros for Plangent unioneray tor Defeselaot Walt; and do your eel lune pens st known intellige ma la you direhorn without whereto ozone in minister two, we gunflint There kned awattit.

the She vine ot 1 noon 6f Armies! muss: Jaw D. A Li D- P. Knot Rook J. F. A.

It st Lin be I Cook reefed I amen. ''READ 7 READTILEAD! AUCTION, Arertos, a rice give ing one furrow Two millions of acres of choice hthei, Wake the road too. People will collect man It as pigeon's upon a thoet, and my tee it without mesh rettleetent, it wilt be lag up. Nora coo end to the other. for the wire, the gotta pewits, and everything shoat it.

A telegrthh will be made end etitablietted, and that by private enterprise, the moment a road, either atomise S. which we hope to have done at roomer a railroad. which we hope MN wine to them A telegraph Ike will be a part el rey road. But whet ore the people of California Ind Misectori sow doing? Not We to get so epprm priatioa from Convene to make a common road, they grope their way 'broach the wilderness, to did the eitildrem ot brad through the Promised Land. And whet le the result The people of califarcie, with Adonis Co.

at their bead, are attest to eatobliela a coatroom At St Louie the wealthiest people TO had a politic taeeting. is which they undertook to meet the people et thlifornio in the construction of a common road. Wore than that. The Bolton Compoth of withal I spoke, would wake a amnion road at once, and a tine Of telegraph would go with it nod go with is ee a private ecterpritic which the 1 owner would keep up for the sake of its sem and oat tor the Mack to goepon tko stichaage of Loati011 thal PSI. 1 I hope, Men, hie Chairman, Thu wtfl be rejected.

arA that this telecraph line will wait the tote of a common road-MIL or of it railroad bill, sad that it witt pair upon the foundation that the government pays tor what it gets. and for ne- more than it gets; and above ad. that the iteiTeratheat shall sot pay la advacce toe work to be done five or ten thousand years hence. according to the hillpay in advance fto work to be done In ekillinf- Never wee stab a thing heard of before. ho le there to private ha would contract to pay the whole automat down tor any work tor himaell, and take as abligatims to perform the work tor an mantay ahead! Who i woad make loch a contract to keep his farm in fame in repair? Who would make a cestrect, the erinsideratioa to be paid down at once an the este aide.

111WI the service on the other, to be pertinent between thin and e'er aity We make ao such bargains for and I for cm will make no SUCII bargain for the Caited Saha Theo this bill bee in in a priecipte swathe which I woge war, oemaildy through the entire period et my Congressional existenom I have waged war duriag the whole time the whole idea of the Cociothe of the Vatted Statw ithenacting legislatively with thery net et seas on the face of the earth. I do not cue how in. they arm T. member trove Maine at these are honorable man. Cleated; but they are neartal sem and sae die as maw me din honorable mem and where le our eternid wire tracheal and oprratore thee? I cannot minuet with any set A toes upon that principle.

Let Congress make the law by wadi the work to he done. hut let the ationionsUative part to the governmeat let out the contract, and have it taken to the beat 'Armitage, but tel in not join the admielatrative department et the guireintilkeol WWI IWO of the legielative depactiamit eth oath lane. and at the Mete time make the mew tract in the law by which the thing in to bi does i have rammed that Moths. I hare ages the markint at thiecontinuelly, end I hamt sever seen en ustastos to which the gaterannet of the Batted States win oat moat deptorably 5 I wide battle Uove, so would Use ow 'path. On dist ererrminatable night, When the abler iweinete et every Tattoos! tuan la tlie rola vise violated end salt bZ tho drarges Alger- like ferocity of the trotter of the Atieeteenth I center! le weal IM parses of the Lome; biU, and the deal emennormities oJ tbst Mumma there wee a idea wroth whirls, laserwi of Oaths the froteral bondage, brae the of party.

sad oat of gime fragments there ellen rite up, arid ormailidese, a Prh, te4meret puity, rye thit soltela 1 purpetigite Mho (tat pStacipteMal men stemmed ha solln costal. sae ere-endowed I their tirester with certate lealientinte Vaang lasonraMeS.4rt ttnn at Near, la the la this wow try-, bas Otero been tele Lerma out of better mar trial, pad, asholging porer principle higher helms -wages, atom oltio Valoations of the great heart of betaasity beet swag tot the les4 wilt wad thrwagh the Suits of Percy (orb spirit of unity as will' tender poverty ell Kemple to break lt owe ha strength. These energies and it Manton Minh moire the Wool ea pregnant with glorious remain this otmlen tide et activity MIS tamely inter bed a the bemired ito spleadid ettlerristeat, aos ably la the Were. bet all oat I. an tweedehtleAf has heel (err the We" ell tba aid Alt- Attie Mum osoweratet, tor tho Oat work at bethires swami portaging the Repub tele ens bid it heavy God uneM mak insaa tenStn at aktrataglit this SWIM al Mal tall1111 Ws, hope the itapertaaso of satering as ea, 4et Creorsou Ceased for war ray, will ael br overlooked la tbs wealeipal electioa which owes off sett Our (reselow veri eapittly firt mokb inaparionon and arearritetweeepable et appresiating ear gegen ead who hers the Ineettedge sad itidepeadeseo to set, without the dietetko of a halsre peintbsigh ate who kraal, yqfp pest, the Cadets tlis office.

and labored go ate dringly far the Weeds et wUl pe heti erlotelele theledbtweeoi br the Tisch work obeli ha after them" Ihr dime brandy stickers, who beld the office dowse la the elif et New Vert, ban those witty obeteeteen tbe way of Meyer tot, trtitet their itigtosits5 et4.1,1 device, is blie bo was ea having the three nen, the einpky of ilia liquor laterart, owes seer the deed aura of this dear-tieing serostro, en the linty Sebbstb, Mt Minot irloopen 44Y le the mak. t.40,2e on tle wretchr-ei So in erg owe Come owls Ctsincit- the hitt lad ueoett acne very agar Wag Oa toteeace of the Mayor br emoocdNI1I iteept it open trots three to Ire tosedrooll lrtb arol Gee own saloorts, vs tieblieett, tbrpootever. AM OW at the hash news Isiebbs Celt" ma se, raged al ail el Wilaa last laalatal fur throewaft lar 'WA MA basennienta mowiletwas. to a leas et bat 'Mlles Amino. tallest rilt- 1 terfrel idti widget nes tho tegableace.

at gayer MMUS' dude( bis whole Una ei Plows is ateirliel peoloreace kr demos the sooty Mem by spangle( each es ta isrpereast ethos arog the leash bait bass. at otrollizeot well loom, demises Irish Inaba over; wort ar itash awl We gas Ad estrodi ef this Irbil loittesee Of this pwodertag to des toast by which ma an felt every tosa look SO la natter la the caw I lt --LANDS 3, 0. Jos tots to suit Pionpidoem i anningaber itio following by Mr. Allen, bill to Mcerporato Um Cairo Gas Light Co4 by Me. AlaPCS, hilt to mead --baser of bivalved Steam.

entitled Crinumbl hartatifteieolor 61F ILL 4iO4tro 1.1k ,11110,1 Ule QC. at Ift Molinari C. Prmaietsf'r; hyreeZi.ditt- er. Mite istorporate- Moilte Mos' baNigtg (WM OM tre Mr. Pookhouser, tell en amend act Proridilor solo of litalo Lands arid mar nut pre empnou righte hy lir Preston.

Mil to amend Lain; ire Mr. tiointtre. bill toamend the charter of Waborn Valley Railroad Comps-ay by lir. Holliday. hill in l000rporate the bur hokum-awl tillimiumno Radium Cm; by Mr.

nod. a generol low to ineorpomts the A mica tend 10.1 by Mr. Lome. a Ont to tilde Oa ot Mamma MAI oy Mr. Loom, hill to suable imaksharing Masi Mrientitted with treasures to receive Melt paymeantei interest tbewroa, aim a hill to repial ea act relative loSegaisty Mir.

Brown- bill to ao id an de estabintliug tIoustz Unmet; ea a bill in relation to secretion. ia Eavigatile moors in Tr litopA44 by Ur Iliac MI to amend a law omitted Soils invt Jai I orw by It r. Mit to incorporate Lasalle Wring and Manufmturiog Co; by Mr Parks bill to rovids fur astetwatent sail lataitice oil railroad compasomi Mom a bill to authorise commity enema to corn meats suits for tretopsot upon swamp lands ales a bill to iatimpontat Logan and 'inlay-- Mae liailrotid co; by Mr. Henry, act to amend so act for Norigation of Yivir; by lirLyastut: bill to aimed Yoombip Faineance Caw by Mr. Lowrence, to incorporate Belvide's and Amino radioed olempmy by Mr.

roster hill to moeide tor in calculation of days of grace in maturity of End also, bill to primal bangs from argasiting oa dor the general law without atintaitiadt capital; she a lita to in-iwrporister St. Jante Chicaga. petitions yen Fewatoit The Milowing bills were reported from Cow tiollistees Bazaar, lig LAKE STKKE 118 scone bon um be mew ftebft Tin ftbftiftes ft aft ftel EHRAl f8, PEDLERK, asi the BUG 4 ft le IFAINCIr -4 Portman's, gird cat" kid tarbeot lbooftb, ikfteftft ries, Carpet balm Dreaming Canea. Naomi eltaaaststa, siod Peat Loki. Irlot.tus- evrrAuma accoassents.

0, Woe, 119.601,1imp. Ift.bfts ftble. iftbftbeepftft bftba, eftfterft Taft shod Tvislis Spawns. CV. Pada Teo- Psti.

Copy Vzin, Ivo Istu.Lamea. Sashilb. labisanonoto 114fti DAV eftftbit- etftt et tbe ketftnno WEIL ,2 0 0 0 0 0 'la or mom or ICA 'nen roots r.Lort uuroo. 144.4 tost to Woo IMItris- trend Railroad tomporry. t4iro ammo, 4410 5 to $13 armors, to 00.14,, 41 motto.

zotoot toy OP 44 owtot too 04,44 to 11,4 to ot too tOS Moot toottro, too otbot000mmotio t00000tto. Cheital our a-om, aop.o for thr With Marta at only Tao pax Cant. per aaaaa melamine. 4 The Itot too tomotte tome totoroatto to 4,444 .441 porooto Atom oto ozott 4o. tosoo.

ot 4444 The e. oot totrostamostonatootit 44 moth. a VPUT, lob Zoog Asoot .44 -SPERM OF Int Borrox. Ss the Romeo, Repremostatims, am the $eth of OR Me Silimetteenting Me amebaehos of Solderrionean Telegraph from the Me Mississippi, et itganntri Rate to the Parole 2 Ur. Bemis Mid Wi.

Cbstrreati, Ws Is on set stelbortting the eossometion of a subterranean line cd Saloom from tbe Miselesippi or Ph nemori ther So the Pacific Meese tinteerreneent Sir. it Ike restless from Rohm lived a little nearer Mete ems-try through uhicis ibis lime of ecierraph 4.. to pm be know that some of the Indium who inhabit that eusoiry ars They Tree by digging. Tbey andeeecd It perfectly. You may Emke a bolo asorwhere tbe ground sod oover it P.

aud by looking at it they will know that there is a bole there. (Langhtter.) And they trill probe it and end what is them Sir. the of hiding end ending preleasien permed by the entire body of the Ine diem and the melte body of the obits people etitaged lit Meioses or commerce tram the Mese Satirist to IL; rm-Mite. It is celled motet from the French verb seeker. to bide.

Ererything wished to be saved is bid ist the mound. and cootinual sesreb gots so amens( all I tbe Indian to and asierytheing Mat may be on I bid end meet expert they are sit ft. This le to be a lloemibterrsoese. sod. I suppose.

mbequeoes slew It la to be matte a eleugh furrow A plough br to be nm from the leviedspi to deo Pacille, sad the wires laid in the farrow. Teo milionsof aerie Of lend for this parome I to D. 14.00 'so muses of man Maid mot protect It Mae these I undertake to lay that the beit men of Malos--sed there are an good saes there, an vigilant and brave. no these are in the worldsight Sand straddling the Ilse of a dark sight. Iteogrister and the Iodises would some and cut it under mesa their weed InErt See 1.11 Weetitere, and take away anything bay might think Muse.

That la the law of the prairies: nod I wftb gentlemen to andernend this. Ym may have a lise put ep is the sir bet lb. Ides of that plough has from ties Athlone to the elbowing its mune the whatedistionos like a metetnick, le preposterous. The bill proposes to appropriate two odillosto of acme; bat suet a Wised. of choice tem serer knows.

Two millions of acres of lend for meanie a plough lineone liee, sla fUMM. so Inetivr how shallowft to be opproprieted to id Ailes ani FAily, tbeir heirs et These assigns! Mr. Chairman. them seagull Tbs moment I see that leord emolgeo" I Sort opbeebble suck rime beim me. to he gambled for in Ms exchanges of hew York and Lesion Jon meth well be dose os will make that Marl saimeole market, and Oben whatever it rm.

a all elear egoist The expense comes oat of the pocket of oar eld Uncle Som." ese brier eepeeee4 have Ito eltild(es, moot bon Mgt. (Laughter.) Them gehtlethen and Eddy.) sete eatbreited to conetract. at tbnir own amnion a hoe of telegraph at such may be bees-after selected. Now. or.

whet liberty el mina ties tit* Minfteippi river severs. I beeves paranoid, at besiside, and tins coo select from say DIMS es that river. srbich washes many elsookend it most ernes a state to see east or west from Om river. There ht. N.

nimi I think we arm cans cats-lame I 1 the coacludiag parties of Ise, lit the itioe et enjoinire nemmot if Me Stems to this Literal toyeraront nano( toles reek IISKS tbio.ib them Sir the fativire of our easatry Imam ambler at all oboes eatapista bat legielated ta the mode a the omatesenea, which could sot to slimed by Weems. of a Sam Weil. ear. the Ink meths provides that. wpm the omelettes of sual has at selemesph and os moo so the mem shaft be put late inesessfei op oration.

and Me free as thereof isiodene th awn muses of the United States. thers al till Iv Mod to said Aides sad lAdy, Mete beim or ow Or of costal Rem all alma titir tateehellt het lelrialted the twee taw crited in the ateettettote, wadi dould tea altered b7 the exameat of a aloe W.I. me the auk 'maim provides that arta the le'4 hus IrIv.p. sed la 7. 6ItterettP" 11.telltedead a SPIth Rua ranee of the United Biafra there el Is told Aides sad lAdy, their, have at ea Toledo.

(aen't darted from Ole.) 4000000 Portiere th. 3,000,000 elevelend, hnsgo. Musineity, ithaukee, 120 000 00,000 Pituburg. 6.000,000 Louleville. ono Detroit, 100 sem Roemer.

1.10,000 41.oue. .00 la the above porta, 60,370,000, The amour foe- Louisville, Wheeling and Madison, are estimated hoes the numbs of bogs killed the omega far St. Lade and Evansville. from the receipts et these platen All hemline moths actual iiMpirota. Two-think of ell the Lard prodooed la the trotted Suttee la shipped boot the Olde 'the Atiantle e4e and smell rases lo the Werke will bring the agate gate up to ninetpaix j1lia.

The history et the Lard Oil contentee la very interesting. A few years nom wim net made at all--tiow It la exterwively tosaufeetered, end smontunat mooed of lead. Cincinnati is the chief seat at the Lard Oil umfacture, and the only soosidereide exports of Lard Oil we eau in round numbers. Cincinnati, Boom bomb. Odes's, A-, 4 000 Toledo.

Cleveland, "s' 0'4 databoly. 1.400 The makes 40,000 bernda, Levi Oa is no doubt made at Leithrrale, and Pittsburgh but we are not inkented of the amounts. That oar estimate Omits bare peso le very molly right, la ertablithed by the Mat that the amount of Lard which pante Belfsto la 11,500.. 000 pounds, l'ittaborgh 60600 and New Or-kris about 40,000.000 rends 01001011 ta all 60.000100- 000 000004 itee*zeAekient big that is probably mum than mode sp by the Fianna of Teeseeeee, itissestal, Arkannee smith. inkelor at the Wen, wit included above.

The emonnt exported from the Lake parts above, with what la end from Cluelitood. vis. Toleda juot makes op lbw IMMIX sent through Ent where dam the Lead get We one only show the toesign premomitioes. and thisa gale roe two yeam Thee the Lard exported to foeriga eamitries went aa halloo To England. 044370 To Mos.

336 f07 To other Spaniel' Irloado. 637.021 To STOMA Won intim 1040l.310, To Hayti, 426,730 To 332.0,45 Mircelleneume. 1,776.406 4 ddetegMe export, 60da0.601 bs the Island et Cal they take, et Wailers Lard. an semge of tee pounds to emit person, a modentratedineryomenstries. the poor et the Ennui Ethos mire to eseenese Lard in the mate they woold niquire Dearly doable die entire prialset at Me eoestry I Tke deA tivb Welt Iodise LAM bikes the pines of both Baker aid Lied.

Leek Met teed la me likely ever le be Is lime demand died I. ma proportion at Lard ranked Atha bavo, sianebtorvi 111 Walt, bent te tbe lathy re. opairadomel Mere leuievekidetise fee it. Minutia Barg NorteElves altered from I 1 I ino vod rerY made staa Ott woo 000 'rein ft a .0 buI wry tho Or- 8 811 the 1 0. fink, ea7 Liu '1st P0S NS me, slam nt is No.

of Mika Talon fl Dorado. 173 $33tisoo C.a.eon lab MO 000 T0oleatoo, tat 400.050 A motor, 12 2oinno Pram Ini 333 aria Sierra, laa 117,000 Total, Itptiono Here we bate a maple of Me ettraordisory astray and saterprite of ear miners In seven ocanties, la California They ootanevad and carried en atom work. witheat tbr akt of Gov-mamma. mod. to tor am we knew, the Md of banks Their igigieetiaal taboo andiaa orgy constructed diem To Mow tbo omanot nod vitae of memo of oar Quarts Wrang four mantles Italy, we give another mlatistirAl extract from doe Memage arritellOWS PI farlata.

lie ee'a TreeaTia, "7414 gZi 1 -Ziare 114.fl ameee lei me Ma. 161 Wont in-07iTe; 1114 SI7Z-MO nem ore numerous measles lo other soon dot la Contends am loge any of Move named ahem, but we base aM withia reach a correct mamma ot tbeir alfaira The animal yield of goblin ate Sista may be put demo me 900,009, SOO, of which Otero Is MIPPed to the Atlantbe States nod Europe, by boolima otemboata and others TM remainder to abloaed to ports la the Para! cro Whited at San Treac to, or used kw trading. Tito experts of quicitsiker mettuato now to $75,099 per annum, and It mot greatly bacrisme is latieream may walla ibis swims bore bees disonsorod rommatly, at ba opened mad mated daring the foram Tb. Gagetallt alao Wage Is tbe mottos of Me Legislator madam very importaat asbject. If him stow Of be wales of tbo Take are mat tort, we lime snotty psocave too increrang Mo foramina umiak sad prosperity bboliasti I Ho goys Ira tato or estitionii Moe bows Loo.lott Vote.

to a Icot ling article. thao. it soma tterk.roblo tetuut of do orsoy ta 4, At the baSsoing c4 Joacary. toold atmatel otitg.ta.attecotoaceo. ortitirt.

togicooli. toes totocott at the IOW kropeCtOilah4lt moats" so looser asiotest to a Tit Anita socoaawl to Cti ley, caul the chiald0 latisst awl dant. to LOOS a week. 114 rat-o, I. nisei tat Illatbahtt It is catopotest that tot of coestoolle et tor solo 24100 aro to good kaattbk.

T. woo so army at lartaligo Ala hoolutOta 41 the ottath. the Crimes viatte hot oat oat Ti Trott to the otoolualoo that "ma trat tom ottisortiouty Aruba al tedium. lake. teat, at aro to hoe our hat army, thio e.t.a et ots scot oe so tooth deep at so oath vo.tee solleitude.

oast oaks ibe tor this disocirtr, rot ago, lacteal daring slow; 1Wri.o roustottoi at Utmost actoeco, bat Jecett Iowa toT I. goog tome olio ot vocal to Coocta Lows ao cat accost at pricooaCotoo that bast optima loatorlettAtAl. AMOS that of their ACW. besot It htenk op. woke-- of voodoo hostas Isom rho.

to gtr. litalaloa stud Omit by a skro aubtcb ittlx0S.t4 Uwe" wore Ism, hastotheatta woo la orate to tM otsetigg," kit tl.4 miaawr, As retlet.i dItt or au Miami tot. ator.4 ooccootot nolo wpm tot Tosco It itt to ot dole amok and 4 to tea. 16,41 iledr purhkoot motto. .14 got .444 ocatabco rgi.

a9 they tobt 111.11111. -Oat 'Acts tutor flax to. loot arraaos4 tip a oriostatil, anti moot the Wog was coo to he oesuatnlitbud, Oleo, yaw Sues to it they eel otat loa WA the licus ict art. Tat trial of lb. socootti-- Lova, Cilia.

Itettetch L. ILiagateg. E4gooso Hulks's 34. g. lissolitcat sad Alma L.

Walt otoswoo tom-hotel tbo tiosaptica Canna rhias on tWay tag. 1154 toodaria oesiost thereadaota at to tbe prineips le ate ttokicassooL litt sato mill Ime tor my to the tiny Kim Owlet. matt mooted Wawa C. Ittatthb, a whM tott. stag to Ottawa tram rbitsalphio.

leatriog locliatt bias ata silo at woo -44tco. la 04C-seams' City be toaseic meows 1044 silt' Liy 4 Waimea boisa I a I LO Oa got von enough to enable kilo coo biaotios wire toslOt.dom.ami Qua bey atvtvott he hoot aboi.otk,c-tocts to soothe erottberir -Toro I'M he Otalloged loot. Issibustabikiassoolo. ticket protatoolty with Lo taut tett canoe getting boot, be 41, cool Igo 0010a4 wits. A.midaelLly, hell as 11.:6 maliassmon sm alai bidt 1 a 4 MMMM I 4 leSP er.

P. ABELL 11112.01 PEITIST, 4 4 1411.aKt sr M. FIRE PII(X)F SAFEI DEPOT, 11011. Bias 11411 soars iwairma aa ao DAVIDSON'S FIRE KING SAFE, sands Tama Lech wed 'Mara, Wilma Illaaaaa.Maaa aa ale all alrrravrt, imam POLICES, Jaywalk, la obaablossoo bp also ilaoIasen obalbasa ed ts anbasm, th ftt, ab 4Es lc bele. sass reassra bee.

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ws w114. Men Of" Mt WWIE11-. GOODS NO WJ as, wiring lebeweer, lbaata ream womftme fftft MOS MIMI ,11110 U. two Oft, gt 'LOT 1161 Lowe newet. .4 ft W.

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