Hello Neighbor 2 Act 4 Walkthrough Guide (2024)

Welcome to our comprehensive walkthrough guide for Act 4 of Hello Neighbor 2. In this penultimate chapter, you will explore the Mayor's mansion, uncover more secrets, and solve head-scratching puzzles. By the end of Day 4, you will be one step closer to discovering the truth behind Peterson's nefarious activities and unlocking the final Museum key.

Starting Point: TV Station Bed

At the beginning of Act 4, you will wake up in your bed at the TV station. Check the nearby surveillance monitors to find out where you need to go next. You'll notice a lime green mansion behind a large iron fence between the TV station and the bakery. Your goal is to find and place five trophies in the Mayor's house to obtain a ship's wheel for the final Museum key.

Finding the Trophies

The five trophies can be found scattered around the Mayor's mansion. They must be placed on a trophy stand in a trophy room on the second floor. To reach the trophy room, take the stairs from the piano to the top, then turn right to double back. Follow the path through the door, and you'll see the trophy stand with a ship wheel hanging on the wall above it.

Dog Bowl Puzzle: Scepter and Chalice Trophy

In front of the mansion, you'll find Skipper the bulldog roaming near a food bowl and a pile of dirt. A scepter sticks out of the dirt pile, but you can't dig it out just yet. Similar to the cat puzzle in Act 2, you'll need to put food in the bowl to distract the dog.

  1. Go up the stairs on the left side of the mansion to find a steak cooking on a grill on the wraparound porch.
  2. Enter the dining area, located straight across from the piano, and find the kitchen.
  3. In the kitchen, locate a fire extinguisher in a red case on the wall by the zebra-print couch.
  4. Take the fire extinguisher and return to the grill.
  5. Stand close to the grill and use the extinguisher to put out the fire.
  6. Grab the steak and place it in the dog's bowl.
  7. While Skipper is distracted, use the shovel to dig up the scepter.

Combine the scepter with the statue along the main path to reveal a secret compartment in the statue and obtain the chalice trophy.

Piano Puzzle: Triangle Trophy

Head back downstairs to the piano you passed earlier. Opposite the piano is a piece of sheet music pinned to the wall underneath the stairs. Each pin on the sheet represents a key on the piano, and the colors of the pins correspond to the colors of the keys.

To solve the puzzle, press the piano keys in the following order: Yellow, Red, Green, Blue. After playing the tune, a door to the left of the sheet music will open. Proceed upstairs and break the glass display box on the wall to steal the record.

Return to the room near the sheet music, place the record on the record player, and pull the red switch on the right side. Music will fill the room, a disco ball will start spinning, and a compartment in the ceiling will open. Quickly climb the red chair near the record player, jump up into the ceiling, and pick up the triangle trophy near the yellow grate in the wall.

Sailboat Puzzle: Celestial Trophy

Drop through the yellow grate from the previous trophy and into the bathroom. Grab the model toy sailboat from the tub, then proceed to the dining room. Look for a painting of a sailboat on the far wall, beyond the table and chairs. Place the model sailboat in the slot beneath the painting to reveal a picture of a dog and a birthday: 08/06/91.

Head back upstairs to the second floor and find the star trophy, which will provide the fuse needed for the celestial trophy.

Laser Puzzle: Star Trophy

Enter the Mayor's office through the door next to the glass display case. Inside the office, you'll see the star trophy guarded by lasers. Proceed to the nearby greenhouse and take the ladder up. Cross over the roof to the other side of the house, where you'll find two large glass skylight windows. Break through either one and drop down onto a platform above the stairwell.

Locate the attic cubby above the trophy room if you need a crowbar. Then, find another attic cubby above the Mayor's office. Remove the board guarding the grey circuit box on the wall, and take the fuse from inside. Drop back down to the second floor and retrieve the star trophy from the Mayor's office.

Cup Trophy

With the fuse from the star trophy in hand, go to the Mayor's bedroom by the greenhouse. Jump on the bed to reach the rafters above the television and grab the cup trophy. Proceed to the fuse box on the far wall, place the fuse inside, and reveal a safe in the wall by the sailboat painting below.

Enter the safe code 8691 (the dog's birthday) to open the safe and obtain the celestial trophy.

Mayor's House Trophy Stand Solution

Return to the trophy room upstairs and place all five trophies in the appropriate spots on the trophy stand. From left to right, the order is as follows: Cup Trophy, Celestial Trophy, Chalice Trophy, Triangle Trophy, Star Trophy.

Using the Ship Wheel

Putting all of the trophies in place will unlock the ship wheel above the trophy stand. Take the wheel and return to the Mayor's bedroom. Combine the wheel with the column by the window on the far side of the bed, and interact with the wheel to spin it.

Stop the wheel when its blue and red sections align with the star's blue and red sections, opening a secret door in the nearby wall. Enter the secret room, grab the gear key from the desk, and trigger a loading screen.

Finding the Animal Heads in the Museum

Return to the Museum and locate two taxidermied animal heads on the first floor before completing an antenna puzzle and a bookcase puzzle for a third head on the second floor.

  1. Fish Head Location: In the inverted hallway with the plague doctor painting from Act 2, look for the inverted fish head on the wall.

  2. Boar's Head Location: Go to the garage where you found the blue gear for the Grandfather Clock puzzle in Act 3. Look in the crate under the stairs near the car for the car door handle. Combine it with the car door, pull the red lever inside the car to open the trunk, and grab the boar's head.

  3. Bear's Head Location: Proceed to the second floor and find the door with the gear symbol above it near the headless taxidermied bear. Place the fish head on the body in the middle and the boar's head on the body on the far left. Use the gear key from the Mayor's house to open the gear door.

Bookcase Puzzle and Attic

Inside the gear room, pick up the wrench from the table on the right side. Proceed to the attic and grab the key off the wall. Open the door to trigger a cutscene and progress to Act 5, the final chapter of Hello Neighbor 2.

We hope this walkthrough guide has been helpful in navigating Act 4 of Hello Neighbor 2. Good luck with your exploration and puzzle-solving!

Hello Neighbor 2 Act 4 Walkthrough Guide (2024)
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