Meet the 2024 Fremont 4-H Expo Ambassador candidates (2024)

This year’s Fremont 4-H Expo Ambassador candidates have been announced.

The Grand Ambassadors will be revealed at a coronation ceremony at noon on Friday, July 12, at the Fremont Friendship Center at Christensen Field.

This year’s candidates are:

Campbell Snodgrass

Campbell Snodgrass, who most people call “Soup,” is the daughter of Dr. Alan and Holly Snodgrass. She will be a senior at West Point-Beemer Public School this fall.

Campbell has been in 4-H for 10 years and has been the president of her club, Clever Clovers, the past four years. She also is her class president and maintains a 4.0 GPA while participating in volleyball, basketball, track, one-act, speech, musical, quiz bowl, student council and journalism.

When Campbell started her 4-H career she assumed she would be involved with livestock, like her older siblings. She soon learned showing livestock was not for her.

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“When this door closed, I found that 4-H had many other doors that opened,” Campbell said. “Opportunities like public speaking and the fashion review.”

She is currently the state 4-H Public Service Announcement champion. She has participated for 10 years in the 4-H speech contest at the local, district and state level. She also has been named the consumer style review county champion for the past eight years and has had the honor of modeling at the state fair numerous times.

Campbell has had champion gardening and horticulture projects at the county and state level. She also participates in photography and has received special recognition at the state fair. Many of these photos have hung in the animal science building at UNL.

Campbell has also participated in cooking projects, food preservation, household pets and human development.

“The life skills I have learned though 4-H have helped me become a well-rounded individual,” she said. “I am so thankful for this program, the people I have learned from through educational programs and UNL Extension for the opportunities I have been given by being a 4-H member.”

Alexa Brodd

Alexa Brodd is the daughter of Daryl and Ann Brodd of Ames. She is a 12-year 4-H member of the T.E.A.M. 4-H Club. As a senior at North Bend Central High School, Alexa is involved in National Honor Society, Student Council, FFA, Cheerleading, Dance Team, Cross Country, Track, Band, FBLA, Science Club, Spanish Club, NB Club, Tiger Branch Bank, JCMDS Dance and Girl Scouts.

Since the beginning of her 4-H career as a Clover Kid, Alexa has been involved in countless projects, activities, and contests at the Fremont 4-H Expo, Dodge County Fair and Nebraska State Fair. Her greatest 4-H achievements include being selected as a 2024 Dodge County 4-H Ambassador, president of the T.E.A.M. 4-H Club and president of the Dodge County 4-H Council.

She has received Overall Grand Champion Dodge County Fair awards in the Companion Animal Show and Fashion Revue Contests. In addition, Alexa has participated in the Culinary Challenge at both the Fremont 4-H Expo and Dodge County Fair. She has represented Dodge County at the Nebraska State Fair 4-H Fashion Revue for the past five years.

Alexa has earned her 4-H Diamond Clover Award by completing her Nebraska 4-H Gives Back Project. She has helped lead groups and activities at Dodge County Summer Workshops and Farm Safety Camp. Alexa also volunteers to read books, lead games and make crafts with youth at the Scribner Public Library 4-H STEM Summer Reading Program. In addition, she has worked with adult leaders to set goals, develop lesson plans, teach skills and evaluate activities.

Alexa has applied for and received scholarships to assist her with 4-H workshops and camps that she has attended.

“These wonderful experiences have given me the opportunity to meet other 4-H’ers across the state and develop lasting friendships,” Alexa said.

She has received Best of Show honors in the areas of veterinary science, communication, clothing construction, consumer management, heritage, home environment, human development, conservation & wildlife, food & nutrition, safety, citizenship, crop production, horticulture, aerospace, computers and woodworking.

Klayton Hilbers

Klayton Hilbers has been involved in 4-H for a total of 12 years. His parents are Greg and Martha Hilbers of Hooper.

Throughout his 12 years in 4-H he has tried many new things and went out of his comfort zone to try new things.

“I have been given the opportunity to make the best of my 4-H career and I continue to build on that every year,” Klayton said. “4-H has really developed me and helped me to become the person I am today and has supplied me with many tools I can use throughout my future.”

Klayton added, “As this will be my final year of 4-H I want to make the most of it and go out feeling I did everything I could to make the most of it. I plan to continue to give back to the 4-H community in the future by helping those involved in 4-H succeed and be the best version of themselves as well.”

Tony Ondracek

Tony Ondracek, son of Jim and Tammie Ondracek, will be a senior at Fremont High School this fall. Over the summer, Tony is working at Verner Veterinary Clinic to explore his career choice of animal science.

Tony has been a member of 4-H for 12 years. He began his 4-H experience with chickens, static projects, then decided to do his county’s catch-a-program showing sheep, goats, pigs and cattle. During this time, he was given the opportunity to show dairy goats at the county fair.

“My 4-H experience has been exceptional and I am constantly acquiring new knowledge and skills,” Tony said. “I am unable to pinpoint a singular aspect of 4-H that has imparted the most valuable lessons to me, but rather a multitude of them.”

Tony explained, “Responsibility is the biggest thing I have picked up through my time in 4-H. Animal care is a huge responsibility in the 4-H community. You must go outside at least two times a day to complete chores and ensure that all animals are fed and watered. Normally, I am outside three to four times a day with my show animals and the others we have on our property.”

Another valuable skill Tony has acquired through 4-H is networking.

“In 4-H, one is constantly conversing with individuals and acquiring new knowledge from them or being advised on whom to converse with during specific times, possessing proficient communication skills,” he said. “Furthermore, you are building closer relationships with your community and surrounding areas.”

Four years ago, Tony was offered the opportunity to join the Saunders County 4-H Council. He believed that it would be a commendable means for him to contribute to his 4-H community and assist fellow children. Tony said he enjoys working with the younger generation and getting to help grow their 4-H experience as a whole in Saunders County.

“I am hopeful that my time on the 4-H Council will have a positive impact and inspire more children to become interested in joining 4-H,” Tony said. “I am aware that our numbers have been increasing since I first joined the Council three years ago. I am optimistic that the involvement will continue to expand across Nebraska.”

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Meet the 2024 Fremont 4-H Expo Ambassador candidates (2024)
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