St George City Employment (2024)

1. St. George City Careers

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  • St George City Careers

2. Positions - St. George City Careers

  • Full-Time Positions · Community Development · Energy · Operations · Public Works. Streets. Equipment Operator I, II, or III. Salary: $41,666.00 to $47,142.00 ...

  • St George City Careers

3. 76 City Of St. George jobs in United States (3 new) - LinkedIn

4. § 1-6-5 Compensation and Benefits | St. George City Code

  • 1. The mayor and city council shall be paid on the same payroll schedule used for full-time city employees, and their compensation and reimbursem*nt of expenses ...

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6. Careers - St. George Theatre - Official Website

  • St. George Theatre Restoration, Inc.'s programs are supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership ...

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7. St. George city manager leaves job with $625000 settlement

  • 27 okt 2022 · Enoch mother Tausha Haight, her 5 children and mother remembered 1 year after tragic deaths. ST. GEORGE — Former St. George City Manager Adam ...

  • ST. GEORGE — Former St. George City Manager Adam Lenhard is leaving the city with $625,000, according to a confidential settlement agreement St. George News obtained through a public records request. According to a story originally published by the Salt Lake Tribune earlier this week, Lenhard was pushed out of his position due to backlash […]

St. George city manager leaves job with $625000 settlement

8. St. George city manager resigned after pressure over drag show on public ...

  • 25 okt 2022 · 1, he won't be leaving empty-handed. Multiple sources say Lenhard will receive a six-figure settlement to compensate for his job loss and to ...

  • The St. George City Council tried to oust city manager Adam Lenhard for his decision to approve permits allowing a drag show on public property. He's still leaving, but only after reaching a six-figure settlement with city officials.

St. George city manager resigned after pressure over drag show on public ...
St George City Employment (2024)
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