How to Say "You're Welcome" in Nepali: A Comprehensive Guide (2024)

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to say "You're welcome" in Nepali! In this article, we will provide you with various ways to express gratitude and respond to thankful expressions in the Nepali language. Whether you are planning a trip to Nepal or simply interested in learning new languages, understanding the basic expressions of gratitude is essential for building connections and showing respect. So, let's dive into the world of Nepali language and culture!

Nepali - An Official Language of Nepal

Before we delve into the expressions of gratitude, let's learn a bit about the Nepali language itself. Nepali, also known as Gorkhali, Gurkhali, or Khaskura, is the official language of Nepal. It belongs to the Indo-European language family and specifically falls under the Pahari subgroup. With approximately 17 million speakers, Nepali is primarily spoken in Nepal and neighboring regions of India.

How Friendly Are Nepalese People?

Nepalese people are renowned for their friendliness and hospitality towards tourists. Despite cultural similarities with India, Nepali locals hold a deep reverence for foreign visitors, often expressing the belief that "Guests equal God." This warm and welcoming attitude makes Nepal an inviting destination for travelers from around the world.

20+ Ways to Say "You're Welcome" in Nepali

Now, let's explore various ways to say "You're welcome" in Nepali. Understanding these phrases will not only enhance your communication skills but also demonstrate your genuine interest in the Nepali language and culture. Here are some common expressions:

  1. Welcome! - Svāgata cha - स्वागत छ
  2. Absolutely - Bilkula - बिल्कुल
  3. Anytime - Junasukai bēlā - जुनसुकै बेला
  4. No issue - Kunai muddā chaina - कुनै मुद्दा छैन
  5. No problem - Samasyā chaina - समस्या छैन
  6. No worries - Kunai cintā chaina - कुनै चिन्ता छैन
  7. Sure - Niścita - निश्चित

These are just a few examples of how to express "You're welcome" in Nepali. By using these phrases, you can convey your willingness to help and create a positive connection with Nepali speakers.

How to Say "You're Welcome" in Nepali

When you arrive in Nepal, it's important to be prepared to visit new places and meet new people. By using Nepali phrases, you can establish a strong connection with the locals. Here are some additional phrases to express "You're welcome" in Nepali:

  1. Always glad to help - Maddata garna sadhaiṁ khuśī cha - मद्दत गर्न सधैं खुशी छ
  2. It makes me happy to help - Yasalē malā’ī maddata garna khuśī banā’um̐cha - यसले मलाई मद्दत गर्न खुशी बनाउँछ
  3. It was nothing - Yō kēhi thi’ēna - यो केहि थिएन
  4. I am always here to help - Ma sadhaiṁ maddata garna yahām̐ chu - म सधैं मद्दत गर्न यहाँ छु
  5. Pleasure is all mine - Khuśī sabai mērō hō - खुशी सबै मेरो हो

These phrases reflect your willingness to assist and convey your happiness in doing so. By using them, you can further strengthen your connection with the Nepali people.

Learn Modern Phrases to Say "You're Welcome" in Nepali

If you plan to stay in Nepal for an extended period, it's beneficial to learn some modern phrases in the Nepali language. These phrases will help you communicate more confidently and comfortably with Nepali speakers. Here are a few examples:

  1. Glad that I would be of any help - Khuśī cha ki ma kunai upayōga kō hunēcha - खुशी छ कि म कुनै उपयोग को हुनेछ
  2. Happy to help you - Tapā’im̐lā’ī maddata garna khusī - तपाइँलाई मद्दत गर्न खुसी
  3. No thanks are necessary - Kunai dhan'yavāda āvaśyaka chaina - कुनै धन्यवाद आवश्यक छैन
  4. Not at all - Hudai haina - हुदै हैन
  5. You've got it - Tapā’im̐lē pā'unubhayō - तपाइँले पाउनुभयो
  6. You'd do the same for me - Timī mērō lāgī tyastai garchau - तिमी मेरो लागी त्यस्तै गर्छौ
  7. Don't give it a second thought - Yasalā’ī dōsrō vicāra nadinuhōs - यसलाई दोस्रो विचार नदिनुहोस्

These modern phrases will help you navigate various social situations and express your gratitude effectively.

In Summary

Learning how to say "You're welcome" in Nepali is a valuable skill that will enhance your interactions with Nepali speakers and deepen your understanding of their culture. By using the phrases provided in this guide, you can express gratitude and build meaningful connections during your visit to Nepal. If you're interested in further expanding your knowledge of the Nepali language, we recommend using the Ling app, which offers a convenient and interactive way to learn Nepali and other languages. Download the app from the Play Store or App Store and embark on your language learning journey today!

Remember, expressing gratitude is not just a courtesy; it plays a vital role in fostering connections and building relationships. So, embrace the opportunity to say "You're welcome" in Nepali and immerse yourself in the rich culture of Nepal.

How to Say "You're Welcome" in Nepali: A Comprehensive Guide (2024)
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